Zanzibar Diaspora in the Scandinavia (ZANDIAS)

Zanzibar Diaspora in the Scandinavia (ZANDIAS)

Due to presence of a good number of Zanzibaris in Scandinavia, and for the purpose of helping our country-mates in Zanzibar, while supporting the initiatives of the Zanzibar President’s Office in charge of Diaspora affairs, there is a need to form an association that will remind Zanzibari Diaspora in Scandinavia of the need to support their country- Zanzibar, as well as strengthening their unity wherever they might be.

Inspired by a common determination to promote unity and cooperation and to unite members of the organisation in promoting social,cultural,economic and professional development.

To expand and enhance relationships and activities beneficial to all members hereby constitute the Zanzibar Diaspora Scandinavia on the Scandinavian countries.

Our Mission

  • To shoulder the responsibility of development and cultural identity in response to aspirations of the people of Zanzibar, here in Scandinavia and beyond.
  • To be the collective voice of all members of the Zanzibar Diaspora in the Scandinavia.
  • To help focus the efforts of the Zanzibar Diaspora on relief initiatives and similar charitable projects in Zanzibar.
  • To encourage and to help bring about positive and lasting social and economic change in Zanzibar.
  • To provide a forum and structure within which the members may exchange views and formulate and implement coordinated programs and policies reflecting their common interests and shared concerns.

Our Vision
The aim is to have an association that will bring together all Zanzibarian Diaspora in Scandinavia, as professional of different disciplines without regard to their political, religious, ideological, gender, tribal or ethnical orientations.