Serikali ya Mapinduzi, Zanzibar - President's Office and Chairman of Revolutionary Council Diaspora

Zanzibar Diaspora Association (ZADIA)

Zanzibar Diaspora Association (ZADIA) aim of this organization is to connect Zanzibaris in Diaspora and friends of Zanzibar to their native and beloved Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Diaspora Association (ZADIA)

ZADIA is dedicated to the virtuous cycle of improving livelihood, social, and economic development of Zanzibar. Its main goal is to exchange ideas, best practices and debate issues with intergovernmental agencies and organizations, and strive to be a catalyst for the establishment of better economic, social and cultural cooperation between the United States of America and Zanzibar. ZADIA will engage in economic, social and cultural projects and/ or activities that are of mutual benefit to both countries


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