Serikali ya Mapinduzi, Zanzibar - President's Office and Chairman of Revolutionary Council Diaspora


USA of Association

Zanzibar Diaspora Association (ZADIA)

Zanzibar Diaspora Association (ZADIA) aim of this organization is to connect Zanzibaris in Diaspora and friends of Zanzibar to their native and beloved Zanzibar. Read More

Great-Britain of Association

Zanzibar Welfare Association (ZAWA)

Zanzibar Welfare Association - ZAWA in UK, the Association was founded to boost and to promote self-help projects started by Zanzibaris with aim of uplifting their standards of living as well as their social and economic development in UK. Read More

Sweden of Association

Zanzibar Diaspora in the Scandinavia (ZANDIAS)

Due to presence of a good number of Zanzibaris in Scandinavia, and for the purpose of helping our country-mates in Zanzibar, while supporting the initiatives of the Zanzibar President’s Office in charge of Diaspora affairs, there is a need to form an association that will remind… Read More

Canada of Association

Zanzibar - Canadian Diaspora Association (ZACADIA)

Zanzibar - Canadian Diaspora Association (ZACADIA) was formed with main objective is to act as a bridge with our homeland (Zanzibar) and effectively coordinate/facilitate Diaspora investment and encourage the transfer of technology to the Isles. Read More