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Zanzibar Diaspora Needed at Home

Soon after 2010 October general election, Zanzibar has embarked on a new era. Government institutions have been restructured and some new ones have been created.

One of the new unit introduced is a DIASPORA unit which is operating within the office of the President and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council. The unit has been mandated to facilitate the diaspora contribution to socio- economic development of Zanzibar. Responding to socio-economic development policies.

Zanzibar diaspora have devoted to contribute to social development in terms of health and education in South Region of Zanzibar. The department of International Cooperation and Zanzibar diaspora is now developing a strategic plan that will encourage the Zanzibar diaspora to contribute to social economic development like other countries’ diaspora who significantly contribute to the development of their homeland.

The unit is calling for all Zanzibar diaspora to think of their homeland and contribute to its development, since conducive environment is now in place for such purposes.


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